Best Shells to Select for Decoration and Crafting – Abalone or Cowries Shell

There are many different shells to choose from, and this choice to select from abundant can get overwhelming. But if you’re looking for highly decorative seashells, abalone and cowrie shells definitely stand out. Which one is best for your décor projects?

Abalone shells, on the other hand, are distinct with their curved and flattened shape, with holes along the curve of the shell. The iridescent center of the abalone shells made them popular materials for crafts and jewelry. Larger abalones can be used as standalone decorations, which are usually placed on a mantle or shelf.

Abalone shells are great if you want to create colorful and attractive pieces, but cowrie shells can be your best bet if you want an earthy seashells that can be used to adorn many different products, including jewelry, trinket boxes, and picture frames. You can get creative and combine both cowries shell with abalone to create chimes and chandeliers, too.

Cowries Shells used to be traded as currency and made into charms and game tokens. Its colorful patterns, along with its egg-shaped and polished form are among its defining characteristics that have won the favor of artisans and crafts enthusiasts. Hence, it is common to find a wide array of jewelry and crafts made of cowrie shells.

Where to get them?

 Both abalone shells and the cowries shell can be purchased online from reputable retailers of shell products and other sea-related goods. Hence, you do not have to personally visit a resort or a coastal area to look for them. Just make sure that the retailer follows the regulations of the US Fish and Wildlife Department, and they do not sell or use any endangered species of shells and sea life.

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