Trendy Ideas of Starfish Decor

Some people bring starfish they collect on the beach and put them in their saltwater aquariums. Others collect starfish not to put them in tanks but to display them on coffee tables or to frame them. Starfish certainly make for great home decorations, especially if you are fond of nautical, coastal, or beach themes.

Of course, before they can be displayed, they must be properly preserved or dried out. Can’t do this yourself? Don’t worry—you can simply order from online retailers. They have a wide range of starfish sold in bundles. That way, you don’t have to collect them yourself.

How can you turn starfish into amazing home decorations? Here are trendy ideas that will get your creativity flowing.

3D Frame Starfish

Got spare wooden frames in your home? Don’t throw them out yet. Use them to create 3D wall art. Simply attach starfish on these wooden frames and hang them on the wall. Play with color combinations to achieve that visual appeal you are going for.

Starfish Mirror

Turn your otherwise boring wall mirror into something awesome by adding starfish around the frame. If your theme is nautical, then get a jute string and a hot glue gun. Stick the jute string around the mirror to create a rope frame, then add the starfish on the upper and lower corners. This starfish mirror is perfect for the bathroom or the living room.

Starfish Holiday Wreath

Instead of traditional flowers, fairy lights, and Christmas balls, why not use starfish instead? Create a one-of-a-kind holiday wreath for your front door to add some coastal ambiance in your home. Your guests will surely be wowed.

Not into crafts? Then just buy ready-made starfish home decoration. Make sure that you are dealing with a reputable retailer to guarantee that the starfish is authentic and high-quality.

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