Enhance The Look Of Your Living Room With Conch Shells

Conch is the name given to shells of varied sizes. Most of the conch shells are from the snails, and these have a more prominent siphonal canal and a higher spire (whorls). These remarkably beautiful shells have also been used widely as musical instruments as well, and some of these can also produce the pearls.

The conch shells also make for a fascinating and beautiful décor can be used for the making of cameo and decorative planters, and for other home decor purposes. The beautiful and majestic conch shells can be used for decorating the living rooms in the number of ways, some of the best ideas are given below.

At the bookshelf

Some of the conch shells, starfish, and corals can provide vintage and nautical feel to your living room when you add them to the bookshelves. You can place them on the top of the book rack or can put them in a vintage basket for making them a more focal point.

On the top of the bottles

The vintage glass bottles have a very traditional and vintage look, and you can also add the conch shell stoppers on top of them and make them look more bountiful and pleasing. The holistic and well-curated appearance makes the living room look more royal looking, with loads of artistic feel.

The conch baskets

The larger conch shells are big enough towards holding the fruit assortments or other kinds of articles placed in a living room. You can also use these artistically manipulated and beautiful crafts in other home areas (for instance, they can hold jewelry in the bedroom). The coastal feel that these baskets offer can be cherished for a long period of time.

The hanging conch beauties

The smaller conch shells are combined in precious and meticulous handicrafts and make for many beautiful forms including the curtains that adorn the entrances of your living room. The density of the shells may vary in the different kinds of home decor offered, and you may also get them in many different colors. Conch chandeliers and curtains are also some of the most popular home decor made from conch shells.

Conch crosses

The conch crosses add to the living rooms the spiritual and religious feelings and make them more welcoming to new ideas while contributing towards developing of deeper and stronger relationships.

Conch home decor also is placed on the desk as pen pots or paperweight, and other beautiful decor and can be a part of your mirrors that make the living rooms much more relaxed comfortable and with the pleasing coastal feel.  Thankfully you can get a number of beautiful conch artifacts and coastal home decor online at a reasonable and affordable price. It is recommended that you choose the conch home decor in line with the central living-room decor theme.

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