Jewelry Making Ideas with Craft Seashells

The shell jewelry is made by using the seashells. Necklaces, bracelets, and earrings among other shell crafts are very popular, common and are timeless jewelry pieces that enhance beauty while also adding charm and warmth to any personality. The universal adornments have been worn since prehistoric times and today make for a fascinating collection of wardrobe ornaments that help you stand apart from the crowd. Here are some of the finest craft shell jewelry ideas, and these beautiful shell jewelry designs make for a very attractive yet natural crafts with priceless value.

The Multi-Pendant Shell Necklace

The shell necklaces have always been in demand and the multi-pendant ones are the most attractive. A multi-pendant shell necklace may have a more complex design and can use the same shaped and same color shells. The eye-catcher designs look good on all, including elders and youngsters, and well-suit the dark colored and shaded clothing.

The Shell Bangles

Shell bangles are very attractive and simple, and their price values change in accordance with the kinds of shells used. Many different kinds of shells can be used for making these bangles and they may range from white to brown colors. The engraving is made on the metals including gold and silver and the shells may be connected through a string. The lightweight bangles invite instant praise!

The Shell Bracelet

The shell bracelets are one of the most affordable and inexpensive jewelry for young adults and teenagers girls. They may be painted and infused with contrasting hues and colors and may also have the silver or gold toned hooks. The bracelets make for a charming and relaxing jewelry on your work days, and can also be worn at the occasions.

The Shell Pearl Hip Chain

The hot and bodacious pearl hip chain provides for a marvelous look when the body contours align with it. This kind of shell craft jewelry and its use can be seen in movies as well. The jewelry has a chain in which a small shell attached at the center. A feeling of freeness and comfort comes to those who wear jewelry.


Other inexpensive yet beautiful shell crafts and jewelry designs include the anklets, earrings and hair clips that are available online itself and can be brought at reasonable prices.

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