12 Fun Facts about Craft Seashells

Seashells are fun and there are many different ways these gorgeous coastal accessories can be used. Here we have collected 12 fun facts related to the craft seashells. So scroll down and check out:

  1. Seashells are the home to insects and it is a beautiful home that is movable. Mollusks live in seashells and their dwelling helps them to stay straight and strong while enemies attack them.
  2. A Mollusk lives in its home which is a seashell forever. It usually never changes its home in the entire lifetime, that is a big commitment, isn’t it?
  3. Hermit Crabs also live in seashells, even though these are not mollusks but crustaceans.
  4. Argonauts are a type of octopus that lives in seashells and if the Argonauts are kept away from their shells for long, they cannot survive.
  5. Seashell patterns are lovely to look at and the colors are also engaging, however there is a reason for the unique design on the seashells. According to the scientists, mollusks build these gorgeous designs in order to generate their blueprints.
  6. You will be surprised to know that there are more than 200,000 mollusks in this world that are creating unique and gorgeous seashells.
  7. Seashell shapes can be round, smooth or sharp and edgy. The shapes of the seashells are due to some purpose and the purpose is to ward off the predators and any dangers.
  8. Most of the seashells are dextral and they open towards the right side. There are very few of them that open towards the left side.
  9. Shell collectors know about the rare sinistral shells, it is rare because it has troubles while reproducing. They cannot mate with other shells so they have to travel into the vast oceans in order to reproduce.
  10. In the past, there was a time when people used seashells as currency. It was in the history of various countries including China where seashell currency was popular in the past.
  11. Seashells make great souvenirs and people also love to adorn jewelry made up of seashells.
  12. Conch is a seashell that can be played as an instrument as well.

Hope you all like the interesting facts about craft conch shells.

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