How to Select a Perfect Conch Shell?

Conch is pronounced as “konk” and it is a kind of pearl that is not a pearl in reality. It is produced by the gastropod Strombus gigas, or Queen Conch. There is no nacre in the conch shells and they have the mineral aragonite present in it. With different composition and constituents, the conch shells have many different shapes and designs. There are many people who love the nautical accessories and they usually collect the conch shells and decorate their homes with it. Conch shells are available in various shapes, colors, and designs that are naturally made. These designs make them unique and the color adds to the grace and beauty of conch shells. Commonly known as conch shells these are not only pretty but have significance in the Hindu religion. The conch shells are blown during the auspicious occasions. It has a unique and pleasing sound that is said to enlighten the devotees and this helps in bringing spiritual vibes to the homes where Hindus practice their religion or offer prayers.

If you are thinking of buying conch shells for your home to decorate it, there are a few things that will help you take the decision of buying it. So, let us begin:

  • Conch shells come in many different colors and finding the one which is flawless is something unique. However, the non-symmetrical patterns on the conch shells add to its beauty but finding the one that is of one single shade is unique and it is considered as expensive as well.
  • The common colors in which conch shells are available are off white, pink, cream, grey, striped with many different shades. There are rare shells that are expensive and look very pretty on when used as home decoration items.
  • There are many factors that should be considered while buying the conch shells however the things that you must not forget while buying it are: The color of the conch, its luster, shade, shine, and texture. If the shape of the conch is symmetrical, that means it is a rare one. The shape also plays an important role in determining the quality of the conch shell.

To decorate your house, you can easily now pick the ideal conch shell for the decoration.

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